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 スマートエネルギー学習シ ステム
 [ SELS ]
 [ MDK-001 ]
 シリアルトリガユニット [STU-100]
 水中カメラ [ UWC-200 ]
 水分センサー [ WD-3 ]
   Snall Water Sensor [ WD-3 ]
 ポータブルデータロガー [ WDR-1 ]
   Portable Data Logger [WDR-1]
 [ SATAU ]
 サーモTDRプローブ [ STP-1 ]
   Thermo-TDR Probe [ STP-1 ]



1.  It has better portability of transportation because it is small, light, and can be operated using by dry-cell batteries.
2. It is excellent at visibility feature by large liquid-crystal color display and has intuitive touch panel.
3. It is easy to exchange sensor by using connector.
4. Measured data is recorded to memory card and be able to record maximum of 100,000 records.
5. It specializes in measuring and recording and it achieves small size and low cost.

Product Overview

1.  Portable Data logger WDR-1, can measure Volumetric water content (VWC), electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature (℃) at the same time.
2. It can measure and analyze soil condition and could be brought out anywhere easily by combination with our company’s product, Small Water Sensor.
3. It runs with dry-cell batteries and be suitable to measure in difficult places to get the electrical power source.
4. Besides, put together with series of WD-3, it brings out special functions of the series of WD-3 to the utmost extent such as management of sensor and changing configuration.

Specifications of the Portable Data Logger WDR-1

Product name WDR-1
Number of sensor connection single
Target sensor WD-3 series (*1)
Sensor electrical supply 5V/100mA (*2)
Volumetric water content
in soil
Measurement interval 1sec, 10sec, 30sec 1min, 10min, 30min, 1hour
LCD Panel method TFT color liquid crystal display, RGB stripe
Display size 3.5 inch
Maximum resolution 320×240 pixel (QVGA)
Maximum display color 16,770 thousands (24bpp full color)
Touch panel 4-wire resistive touch pane
Clock feature Clock items year, month, day, hour, minute, second
(automatic correction every leap year)
Backup back up by internal battery
Accuracy ±15 seconds per month
Data record Number of records maximum of 100 thousands records
Record media nonvolatile memory card
Record media format FAT16
Recorded items measured items, measurement date and time, measurement interval, measured value (*4)
Power source 4 AA size batteries
Auto power off ○ (*5)
Battery life about 6 months (*6)
Operation temperature range -10〜+50℃ (*7)
External dimensions /weight (only main body) L(100mm)×W(130mm)×H(35mm) / ≦290g (*8)

(*1)   For connecting with sensors other than WD-3 or other companies` products, optional conversion cable is needed.
(*2) It has an electrical power control feature with preheat capability.
(*3) The measuring range depends on the connected sensor.
(*4) The record data format is saved in CSV format, and be able to be brought to spreadsheet applications.
(*5) It does not turn off perfectly and consumes minimal amount electricity when it records.
(*6) When connected with WD-3 series and recording with 1hour measurement interval
(*7) However, please prevent the product from dew condensation.
Also, it does not have waterproof and dust-proof feature, so please be careful about water leak and powder dust.
(*8) Excluding protrusions.
It unweights 4 AA size batteries in this product.


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