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 スマートエネルギー学習シ ステム
 [ SELS ]
 [ MDK-001 ]
 シリアルトリガユニット [STU-100]
 水中カメラ [ UWC-200 ]
 水分センサー [ WD-3 ]
   Snall Water Sensor [ WD-3 ]
 ポータブルデータロガー [ WDR-1 ]
   Portable Data Logger [WDR-1]
 [ SATAU ]
 サーモTDRプローブ [ STP-1 ]
   Thermo-TDR Probe [ STP-1 ]

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 Previous techniques are only possible to measure contaminant content in soil under constant soil moisture conditions. A new STP-1 probe enables to measure temporal changes in contaminant content in soil where soil water content varies with time due to rainfall events and evapotranspiration.

 Technical summary:Our new technique pays attention to the fact that relative permittivity, volumetric heat capacity, and electrical conductivity of soil change when organic solvent mixes with soil, and estimates the content of organic solvent in soil using relative permittivity measured with time domain reflectometry and volumetric heat capacity measured with dual-probe heat-pulse techniques.


 ・ The probe is simple, durable, and moreover maintenance free.
 ・ The content of contaminant coexisting with moisture and air in soil can be measured.
 ・ Long-term monitoring is possible.
 ・ Earlier detection of leakage to soil from underground storage tanks for oil, organic solvents, and others.
 ・ Earlier detection of contaminant leakage to soil from garbage finality processing sites.
 ・ Monitoring contaminant location moving slowly in concrete and rock.


1. Sensor specification
Measuring items volumetric water content, electrical conductivity (EC),
thermal diffusivity, volumetric heat capacity, thermal conductivity
Cable length standard 2m including heater wire, coaxial cable, and TC wires

2. Volumetric water content
Detection procedure TDR
Measurement range air-dry to saturation
Accuracy ±2%
Resolution 0.1%

3. Electric conductivity (EC)
Measurement range 0〜2mS/cm
Accuracy ±5%
Resolution 0.01mS/cm

System configuration Example


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